(on-line particle counter)

(portable particle counter)

Versacount - Portabel Particle Counter


The Versacount Particle Counter is an exceptionally versatile piece of lab equipment that is perfectly suited to the water treatment industry. With its light weight construction, self-contained pumping system and internal rechargeable battery, the Versacount Particle Counter can be easily carried where ever it is needed. Taking particle counts from a bottle sample has never been easier. Simply insert the inlet tube into the bottle sample and the drain tube into a waste container and you are ready to go. Such simplicity in operation is backed up by a time-tested design, featuring high resolution sensor, high sampling capacity, programmability of key parameters, and precision calibration. The self-checking function of Versacount provides a variety of status alert and warning signals, such as High or Low particle counts alert based on user entered alarm level, “check sensor” due to plugged sensor or filter or laser malfunction, allowing the operator to timely note abnormality and/or malfunction of the particle counter.

Main features include:

  • Precision LD400 sensor: overall resolution of 5% at greater than 10 micron and 9% at greater than 2 micron
  • High particle concentration: up to 18,000 particles/ml at greater than 2 um
  • Wide range of particle size: 2 – 400 micron
  • Eight user selectable channel for eight different particle sizes
  • Easy and fast parameter setting with external bar code wand
  • Easy connection to computer with 300 record storage
  • Standard RS232 communication for data transfer and general communication
  • Lightweight construction for ease of mobility
  • Large easy-to-see local display on front panel
  • Large capacity internal battery (12V-2000mAh) for extended operation
  • Optional printer for auto data download
  • Optional waterproof carrying case for maximum portability